valentine's day e​.​p.

by Maura

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Happy Valentine's Day.


released February 13, 2012

Diane sang on all of these songs and made them sound way prettier than they were originally. Marius Eriksen took the photo that I used for the cover.



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Maura Somerville, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Icicle
Let's defy carbon-dioxide while our breaths are aligned.
We grow on our own vine twisted high above the skyline.
I confess that I have placed bets on the mechanics of this process.
Cut and dry. Oh, what a life. There is only hope we will land alright.

I'm just steam billowing freely within the cold breeze.
Time is flowing within me and it burns so brightly. Bright and fiery.
I still scream much like a banshee, but I do so quietly. dim, and timely.
I'm long gone. What went so wrong? Let's find a place where freaks like us belong.

Placeholders take shape in the way you always say, "This might be worth something someday"

There is still flesh beating in our chest's. And it is oh so complex. soft and precious.
I compress the air between my breaths in silent protest. I did my best.
Let's just test the meaning of progress and cause some unrest.
I feel the snow fill my torso. I sense a glow you would never know.

Icicles grow legs. And it is like you always say, "You are so good at running away."
Track Name: Riptide
The heat is on and it lingers in my walls and it is profound how the sweat smells just like gasoline. Your hands are on your knees...oh, what a sin. We only exist in these awkward conversations. The tv is off but it settles in my floorboards like a spell and the time moves in such awful palpitations. Now stagger on, sweet staggering beauty. The halo's we have stitched to our skulls aren't half of what they seem to be. So lets gamble on the edge of what we'll say and raise the stakes. Bury me beneath your charming ways and teach me how to love and trust the same thing. The radiator is working overtime. The moon won't let up, it is drawing every wide eye toward the sky...It's like a cruel riptide.
Track Name: We Both Became The Sky
Steeples hit the sky and satellites collide over by her house every night. Road rules don't apply when you are learning how to survive. String lights all come down except from every dying tree in this tacky god damn town. I recall rosebuds, not the tired glow of falling farther from just for show. I have been taking all of my time to redefine the meaning of my chest against your spine. It is more than a right so lets take our bad blood and paint the horizon line. Time can't seem to show how twisted metal grows shorter than it seems though it still towers over me. The land of dreams was built from concrete.