It Happens All The Time To Everyone Else But You

by Maura

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released April 28, 2012



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Maura Somerville, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Tailwind
I caught a tailwind and I blew myself away. Why can't I be the type to stay? I got caught up sleeping and now I find it hard to stay awake. I think I will never change my ways. I fall so hard.
So I caught the tradewind and now I am lost so I can find a better place to waste my time because you can be so confusing. You can be so fucking vague! Why cant you be the type to say that you'll stay.
I'm standing still, but I'm still standing.
How long do you think that you can actually stand me?
I fall so hard.
I'd like to replace every nightmare I've had.
Average. I'm average. I'm average.
Track Name: Pillow Talk
There is a bad bed in a filthy apartment complex and a battle staring in my eyes. When the freeze comes to seize up our engines will the sun come to magnify our size in time? You arent aware of mine.
We've both been dreaming of this process with the best intentions. There is a paper plane that shares your name so I postmarked its wings and let it fly. So we hold our breath in the meantime.
Drafting up the possible remarks that you might make, and taking time to catch my stride just like you always say. We cant ignore the past so lets just see if we could last, take that paper plane away and realign the stars to say: "P.S. Don't forget where you used to lay your head."
Break from that old web and climb the valley walls instead and in time you wont be scared to find time in being aware of mine.